Carolina High Profile and Information about Hot Air Balloon Rides in North Carolina


About Carolina High

Carolina High Hot Air Balloon Company, LLC is owned and operated by Randy and Jean Lee. Both grew up in the Benson, NC area and continue to call the I-95 and I-40 area home.  Randy (your pilot) has always enjoyed activities that can be conducted above the ground.  Becoming involved with ballooning in the mid 90's, he has found a sport that he is passionate about. Jean (Admin) is very involved in the operation maintaining the schedule and managing crew operations.  They both enjoy life, find time to laugh and enjoy sharing the sport of ballooning with others. Laughter is a common thing around the Carolina High staff.

Personalized Service

Carolina High prides itself with catering to couples, families and friends for a more private experience. While up to four people can accompany the pilot, Randy and Jean respect the fact that most people enjoy a flight more when they know their fellow passengers.  This makes choosing Carolina High easy for such occasions as: birthdays, anniversaries, marriage proposals, checking off a bucket list item or other special occasions for hot air balloon rides in North Carolina.


Randy, Jean and The Crew are very concerned about their reputation when it comes to Safety and Customer Satisfaction when conducting hot air balloon flights..  Safety is first when it comes to the "Go" or "No Go" decisions related to balloon operations.  Pre-flight information beginning with the initial conversation at the time of booking, weather data collected several times before the scheduled flight time, the condition of all equipment and how the pilot feels are always considered in making operational decisions.

We aim to Please

Randy, Jean and The Crew make every effort to ensure the passengers feel at ease with what is usually a first time experience for the passengers.  Many have seen balloons in the distance. However, being up close brings a realization of their vast size and the physics related to lighter than air flight.  

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