Client Comments

After flight celebration.

We had an incredible maiden voyage with Randy and Carolina High Hot Air Balloon Company.  The weather was perfect and our flight was smooth sailing from start to finish.  Perfect 11/10 All Star Company! Thanks a million.

Jason and Isabel

One of the best things we have ever done!!  Great flying over tree tops, an awesome landing!!  Mr. Randy and the entire crew were first class and so very kind.  We will definitely recommend to others!!

Luther and Candy

                                                              We weathered out on our first attempt, Second try was a charm!

WOW! Incredible experience! Beautiful.  Great Pilot and Crew.

It was simply amazing! Thank You! 

Thanks, you both are a blessing, thanks!

Daniel, Betty and Eric


*Bucket List Dream Come True.  Will do this again.  

*It was fabulous!

*Just Great

Ann, Lester, Cheryl and Michael

                                                                      Now that Lester is a Hoot at 91!  Really enjoyed our time together.

Excellent Experience.  Pilot gave use a fabulous once in a lifetime experience.  A+ Crew...  Highly recommend to do this with this crew.  We will be back!!

Bobbi, Patty, Scott and Mike

                                                                      Glad we are now part of your memories!

 First Time! I had a blast.  Randy and Jean are the best.  Very smooth flight and the water dip was awesome.  I would love to fly again and recommend it to everyone.

It was my first flight.  It was amazing, had so much fun. I would, without a doubt, do it again.

Renee and Erin

                                                                      Thank ya'll for all your help as volunteers at the festival.


The most kind people we have ever met.  We had a wonderful time.  The Best Pilot!  Mr. Randy, Ms Jean and crew were very helpful and extremely knowledgeable.  Simply put, it was the best experience with the best people.

Jennifer and Elizabeth

                                                                         Happy Birthday, Elizabeth.  You are a wonderful young lady.  

Most amazing experience ever - Wonderful pilot and crew!  We will never forget the time we spent with Randy in the "Evers"!

Pam and Joe

                                                                           Happy Birthday, Joe Glad to celebrate with you in the "Evers".

                                                                           P.S.  You got to fly in a balloon to understand the "Evers".

What a blessing it was to be able to check one off of the bucket list and was allowed to do it with Randy and Jean Lee.  The balloon is extraordinary, graceful and exhilarating.  Randy Lee is a fun, down to earth pilot.  You won't be disappointed.  Go for it and enjoy. 

Thank you and God Bless You!

John and Kristy

                                                                            Glad the ole bucket list is getting shorter and we got to help.