Client Comments


This was an awesome trip/experience! It was even more fun than I expected.  I highly recommend flying with Carolina High.  Thanks ya'll, That was a HOOT!"

Frank and Mary

Happy Birthday Frank from Carolina High!

1st time!  It was amazing!  Randy's a peach. Thanks for a great experience.  Randy's a great pilot, very professional staff.  Great Experience!

Jamie and Nadhal

Great trip, really enjoyed the flight and  crew......  "the pilot was a cutie :) and Jean is a sweetie!  Very safe and comfortable ~ thank you everyone!


Amazing experience!  Wonderful people who are so welcoming, caring and truly want their passengers to have a terrific experience. Thank you so much!  We will never forget this. Every detail was so well thought out and appreciated.

Jim and Margot

It was Spectacular.

Real Good and Very Nice.  Thanks to the Crew, I loved the crew!

Lauren, Claire and Lillian    

Randy and Jean are wonderful, kind and sweet.  The balloon flight was a wonderful 40th anniversary gift.  If you can take a ride with them, don't pass up the chance!  It was wonderful. The perfect anniversary present! We enjoyed Randy and Jean, immensely and the crew was wonderful.  We made great memories tonight.

Stuart and Sandy



Randy and his crew gave us a safe and fun balloon ride. It was my first ride and they made it the trip of a lifetime. Thank you to Pilot Randy Lee and his crew for the flight of a lifetime. An awesome experience.

Meredith and Marilyn


Wonderful experience, spiritual- best pilot and crew - A real blessing. Difficult to express the enjoyment of this ride provided. It was awesome.

An absolutely awesome experience!  Best pilot and crew - loved Randy and Jean.  Shared with a family and champayne. There has never been anything like this in my life!

Nancy, Dick, Jayna and Bruce

Wonderful flight! So relaxing! Randy and Jean were great!  Enjoyed it! Would recommend doing it!

Kenny and Sheryl

Happy 20th Anniversary

Absolutely amazing - Love it!!  Randy and his crew were GREAT! Lots of laughs and tree tops.

Joyce, Chris, Dale and Michelle

An experience we will never forget.  Thank you all for a great day.  Best Birthday Gift Ever

Robert and Laura